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briggen in toko_kawai

Where do you purchase your Toko Kawai manga?

I just wanted to know where people from this community usually purchase their manga from...
For me, I've been using both Amazon.com and Buy.com for manga purchases. But, recently I've been seeing some good deals at DeepDiscount.com (no tax + free shipping on any order in the US). What about you all?


Border's, the bookstore.
Haha, it's cool to see that you're able to purchase at the counter. I did try to purchase at a comic store once, but they didn't have anything but shounen and shoujo. And, the other time at Waldenbooks, I chickened out :x and ended up just buying the newest Naruto volume (which I was gonna buy anyway...heh).
I don't tend to care, although sometimes it is a bit embrassing. But I'm not old enough for a credit card so it's the only way I can.
Wow, really, no tax & free sh?! This is the first time I've heard of DeepDiscount.com. I'll have to check that out. Is their manga price the same as other store like Amazon? Most of my manga I get from Justmanga.com some from Amazon & the JP ones at Akadot.com.
Yup... I'm shocked too XD And their prices are quite a bit cheaper than Amazon and with the free shipping, it's cheaper than other stores with cheaper prices but charge shipping.
Usually at Amazon, but I am going to check out DeepDiscount!
^^ It was just a tip, and I figured a lot of people in the US would jump on something like that.
I like discountanimedvd.com That deepdiscount site is very disorganized, from what I looked at. It has a few manga volumes misnumbered and frankly that just makes me think of buying one thing and getting another. The prices on discountanimedvd are the same and the shipping is very cheap ($3.95) or free if you buy in bulk.
:o I agree. But, with mangas at least ... usually I know what I'm looking for, and I tend to search using ISBN numbers, so it works out. I tried a few mangas with ISBNs at deep discount, and it worked good. It was just a tip of course XD I was just curious where people are buying in order to get a good price, and added my 2 cents.

Re: Where do you purchase your Toko Kawai manga?

usually from japan :). i buy very little english-language manga, and when i do, i order it from chapters (canada) because i have a 10% discount membership with them, or try and get it used from powells, US (note how the prices for new books are lower at chapters, and those are C$ on top of that). powells is really a fantastic store though (also an independent, which i like to support); i order fiction and non-fiction from them all the time and they offer free shipping on orders > U$50 not just to the US but to canada as well. and for us canucks, they add in the GST (which very few other US stores manage to do). really, i can't praise them enough. :)

thanks for the tip about deepdiscount; i hadn't heard of them. it looks like chapters is still the better deal for me though because they also ship free within canada on orders over C$39.

Re: Where do you purchase your Toko Kawai manga?

Powells is so expensive, especially for new books. I've bought used textbooks from there, but otherwise I wouldn't purchase manga from them. It's interesting that you do.

What bookstores for Japanese books? :o

Re: Where do you purchase your Toko Kawai manga?

yeah, their new books prices aren't good, but i buy almost exclusively used books from powells, except for the occasional new one when i already have a big order and it'd be cheaper to throw it in from powells than order it separately elsewhere. it's much cheaper for me to order used books in bulk from powells than to find them through abebooks or the like, because the shipping in/to canada always kills individual bargains.

i have no secret tips for japanese stores, unfortunately, because my japanese isn't all that great yet, and i am as yet limited to stores that cater at least a little to english speakers. i've ordered from amazon.jp, jpqueen, and mandarake so far. i can't even imagine yet to buy anything on ebay.jp. :/

i'm thinking about ordering some manga that's not scanlated from amazon.de because i've learned that they are ahead of licenses in north america (i'm fluent in german), but i don't imagine that'll be a bargain.

when i first got into manga, i found sasuga books in the US, and they were quite helpful to deal with, but they're not really a bargain either.
Heh XD To comment in my own post, for Japanese books I prefer Japan Bookmart. The search engine is a little iffy, so I generally have to try all sorts of keywords to find a book I want (ex. author name [first and/or last], book title, book title separate from the one you're looking for, etc.) But, usually they have really cheap pricing and they have better shipping than JPQueen. I lost my order with JPQ once ;_; but so far no problem with JB.
Oh I assume JB ships overseas then? I'm still hurting from not being able to buy from amazon JP ever since it stops offering economy shipping. I don't usually buy English manga ^^;;. The problem is that Kawai Toko's works/tankoubon are out-of-print now. The only way I can get her Japanese manga is to either buy at Amazon JP marketplace when I know a friend's going to Japan or to ask someone to search through the shelves at stores like Book-off or K-books.

Thanks for the tips on deepdiscount! Even though I hate buying English manga, I need to for Boy Princess unless I start taking an interest in Korean ^^;;
:o cool~ :D
Which random independent bookstores are u talking about though? Just small comic book shops, or small-scale-chain bookstores?
I bought them from Kinokuniya, or with the help from my friend that went back n forth to Singapore, she bought them at bookstores at Sun Plaza (forget the name ^^")
Cool~ Kino has stores in the U.S. both on the west and east coast. But they seem to have forgotten about us central U.S. people >.>;;
I live outside the US and I don't have my own Amazon.com account. But I do work in an international Japanese bookstore. I can easily get manga - English translated ones from US/elsewhere and originals from Japan - through the bookstore. Sometimes I open my own personal orders in the bookstore (which never fails to amaze my co-workers). Unfortunately, most of Toko Kawai mangas in Japanese are published by a publisher that is banned in the bookstore (bookstore policy says that no yaoi allowed) so I have to ask my friends - anyone who is going to Japan - to purchase Toko Kawai's Japanese manga in Japan. That's why so far I only collect the ones that are published in English. They saved my life Toko Kawai obsession.
Cool!!! :o A lot of you guys seem to be pretty lucky in the aspect that you have friends going to Japan or wherever a variety of manga is available. That's pretty cool.

lol @ saved my life. That was so cute :)
:o I've bought from amazon, amazon.co.jp (they're super fast :o), nippon-export (the delays are terrible ;_;), ebay (tokyo_disney or something like that :o, it's the only online store where I found new 'old' japanese books), akadot retail, justmanga, jpqueen.. and 801media. I've tried a lot of online stores and I liked the more justmanga and 801media even though amazon is pretty interesting too :D

But that's so weird! back then when I was in England, I thought that it would be easier to buy mangas but I couldn't find any yaoi manga in the bookstores << I've tried a lot ;_;. I've also been in a kinokuniya bookstore in New York - I was with my mom and it was embarrassing *laughes* but fortunately she's totally clueless and she was smiling at everything, I don't think she realized what kind of stories I was bying ^^
XD from everywhere, huh! Good bargain buyer :)
Ah~~ I tried ordering once from tokyo_disney. It was expensive, and the book never came.

It's not easy to buy s-ai/y manga in stores, no matter what country it is I guess. XD But your mom sounds AWESOME *laughs* That's really adorable!
justmanga.com, animecastle.com, discountanimedvd.com, akadotretail.com, Amazon. The first three are cheapest. Animecastle is fastest and most reliable. Justmanga has a $5.99 manga club, though new releases usually aren't in it, plus they give you a piece of candy with every order. XDD DiscountanimeDVD has the cheapest books, but don't pre-order from there. Akadot's shipping is really expensive but they get June/801 books a couple weeks before everyone else.

In Japan, I order from jpqueen, bk1, Amazon.jp.
I'm replying super late, but I just went through this thread again, so here I am XD Yes, the justmanga 5.95 thing was really attractive to me in the beginning. But, the new releases not being included in it was what turned me off. 'Cause usually, for a lot of mangas, I can buy them cheaper (in English) on other websites... And Akadot's shipping kills me. I mean, I bought the June Manga keychains and they're SO small yet the shipping was ~$7. Yeesh ;_;
I am sometimes lucky at Runch, a comic shop in Vienna, Austria - I got both volumes of Our Everlasting there. But usually its just Amazon.de.
I bought mine mostly from Borders since i live outside of the States and its one of the only bookstore chain here other than Kinokuniya that carries yaoi mangas. But it's still extremely limited though as they don't actually bring in most titles. I think the Kinokuniya store here carries more but since i get like 20% discounts at Borders, it saves my wallet ALOT. xD

As to the purchasing over the counter, it kinda doesn't bother me. I know of friends who gets embarrassed and i end up going to the counter for them instead. @@
yaoi club or amazon
those are the only sites I trust basically