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Welcome to Toko Kawai's Fan Community

Toko Kawai Fans (and Fanatics) is a fan community whose goal is to spread our love of Toko Kawai :)

Are you a Toko Kawai fan? Then, join us by clicking here so that you can become part of a huge community of Toko Kawai fans. For rules, please see the Rules section in our profile.

For information about titles published by Kawai-sensei, please visit Kawaisa.net or visit the publisher pages by clicking on the individual titles in the right-hand sidebar.

We sincerely hope you support Toko Kawai-sensei by purchasing her series and come to enjoy her work as much as we do.

Completed Series

The sole purpose of our scanlations is to encourage everyone to purchase the original manga, whether in Japanese or in English, upon its release. Please support Toko Kawai-sensei.

¤ Over Dose - [Download]

Licensed Series

¤ List Removed. Please see sidebar for all licensed titles.


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So more of her works are Fairy Garden,Loveholic and Cut are you going to add those too. Also were you going to add Keijijyou Na Bokura even though it's licensed?
yes! I'm a big fan of her! I have some of her mangas at home (except Keijijyou na bokura, I'm so glad it's licensed ><), so I would be happy if I could be helpful for this LJ ^^.
btw you're already sooooo helpful <3 but more is good too (LOL i'm so damn greedy ;_; sorry) Thank you soooo much for the scans :D both of 'em ^^ *glomps you*
I know I'm going to buy it to along will all the other mangas that I want to get. Do you know the release date of Keijijyou Na Bokura?
October '05 :D One more month :D :D :D
Good that's not to long a wait. So many mangas are coming out this and next month that's why I'm starting to save up now.
Yup it's not.
Okay, all the stuff that I have, it's up :D
Awww I looooove Cut...love love loveeeeeee~ fuwahhhh...
>< yeah! the epilogue of Cut was really great... I loved it. The way Chiaki and Eiji cares for each other is just too cute ^^
*nods nods nods* *keeps nodding* *...and nodding* *...and nodding* <<reminds u of the energizer bunny, ne? Gahhh I love alllll of Toko Kawai's works ^^ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! ahhhh *goes mad with love* but yes, thanks Hinata :D for scanning the wonderful oneshot Situation and even giving a synopsis :D I totallyyyy understood what was going on after that ^^ :D So, I appreciate it. I'll update the links in a few minutes :D
Ooooh I'm so joining. I just read Fairy Garden... it was so sweet T_T
Haha. Yeah ^^ It's a very sweet work. I'm sure you'll like her other works just as much, if not more ^^ Have funnnn~


omg. i've been searching for ages for a site to give me information on Toko Kawai's manga. THANX HEAPS. :D *in heavenly bliss with all the other fan girls*
p.s. didn't know where to show my appreciation so i decided to write here!

Re: finally


I'm glaaaaaad :D We (me myself and I) LOVE Toko Kawai fans. Glad to be of help ^^
Hi, I’ve just joined your wonderful site. Toko Kawai is one of my favourite mangakas, so when I found this site I just had to join. ^__^ so thank you for giving this fangirl a place where she can go to satisfy her Kawai obsession.


Yayyy :D hehe, you're welcome!
I couldn't believe there wasn't anything for Toko Kawai out there, so, I was forced by my inner fangirl to make it ^^

Hope you enjoy your stay.
lol ^_^ Welcome, sweetie
All the links for download are chapter 1.
XD They all lead to the same page because all 4 links are on the same page. It was just me being crazy~
Just scroll down, ne :)
do you guys still open postitions for project staff? i'd like to help out though. ^^
hmmm hmmm :) well, at the moment, we have everyone we need for the project :) But, if needed, I'll let you know ^___^ I still have your email ;)
ehehehe :D Glad you finally found it ;) And you get a nifty surprise along with it :)
wow..love the new layout..
Thanks nona :D It really is very beautiful, ne!
i was really happy to read the first chapter of Ano kado wo magatta tokoro..i liked it so much..it reminded me of CUT which i really love..thanx..waiting for the next chapter..
glad you enjoyed it so much :) :)
it reminds u of cut, eh? hehe :)

Newbie ^^

Hi, I'm Nyu. I'm from Vietnam. I've never used LJ before so I'm totally unfamiliar with it (having some problems... T__T ), but right when I knew this community EXISTS, I created an account here. XD I just fell in love with Kawai-sensei's works recently. They're awesome, & you guys are awesome too! Thanks for the new proj~~~ :">

Uhm, anyone knows Kawai-sensei's birthday? I know she was born on October 16, but I don't know the year. Is she still young? o^.^o

Re: Newbie ^^

Welcome :) :) :) I hope you're liking your stay with it. If you have questions about LJ, feel free to email me. I'll try to help you the best I can. I'm so glad u fell in love with her works and found us *cheerssssss* I hope you're loving the project as well :D I think it's really nice and I can't wait to see what happens next!

About the birthday, I don't remember seeing it. :\ as of now, since i'm not at home, I don't have the books with me. So, I can't make sure... sorry :x

Have funnn~~~~
Heee, I love Toko Kawai-sensei! *___* She's like, the best yaoi/shounen-ai mangaka, ever. XD I especially love Overdose, CUT, BondZ and Loveholic (although it's licensed and won't probably read it again. *sigh*)
;_; Sorry I missed your comment!
She definitely is the best-est ever, isn't she. I love all her works, but yesh :x Loveholic is the BESTTTTT!!!!!!! I'm really glad it's licensed; don't give up hope. Once it's out, I'm sure we'll be giving out copies like we did for Our Everlasting :) so if you aren't able to buy it for some reason, I'm sure if you tried your best for a contest, you'd be able to win it! *thumbs up*


wayy...so happy that i found a kawai sensei's community here!! I'm a new fans and totally in love with her manga^.^
I wonder anyone can tell me where to get licensed manga? I'm looking 4 all kawai sensei's manga..but i'm living in jakarta n it's hard to find any yaoi stuff here>.<
Anyone know where the nearest and easiet way 4 me to get kawai's sensei manga? Thanx anyway^______^

Re: newbie^^

Welcome :D
Visit here if you're 18+. I don't know about any place where you can buy WITHIN Jakarta... since I live in the states, but if you have a credit card or debit card, you could buy online. A list of a few retailers are at http://www.kawaisa.net/eng/index.php?page=purchase
love this community ^_____^

thank you so much)))))))))))))))))))))))
Hi, i really like this community. I'm looking for Utakata no Hibi, where is the link to it?
Hi :) Glad you're enjoying it. Because both volumes of Our Everlasting were licensed and have already been published, the link to the chapter was removed. Sorry about that.
Haaay everyone can someone help me out, i think something is wrong with the files of Ano kado because when I download them WinZip cant open them....and they take AGES to download...maybe there is a problem somewhere?? Please help i really want to read the last 2 chapters!!!!!
Missy K.
Well, I downloaded it again from the Savefile link, and it seems to be working perfectly fine. I opened it with WinZip, and it opened properly as well.
I've added a Turboupload link up there, so please try it again with that link... Some people sometimes do have problems with Savefile, don't know why though, so hopefully using a different link should work. If it doesn't, let me know, and we'll see what we can do ^^

Thank you~

Thank you soo much for chapter 1 of Cafe Latte Rhapsody!!! You guys are awesome ^_^

Re: Thank you~

:D You're welcome! I hope you enjoyed it and consider becoming part of the large fan community ^^

New member! ^^

Hi, i'm new here, my name is alexandredumas but you can call me Tensai( this is my first and real nickname).

I just want to say hello to all of you.
Hope we can be friends.

Ja nee

Re: New member! ^^

♥ Hi, it's nice to meet you! ^^ I hope that after joining us, you appreciate, enjoy and love Kawai-sensei's works along with the rest of us ;)

Ah, Hi!

So, you have this lovely LJ full of interesting information, and delightful translations, and suchlike - and I've only just found you. Three years later...
I am developing a fondness for Toko Kawai works, sparked from my local comics shop. The snarkiest comics seller you've ever met (who knows practically everything about current Marvel and DC superhero-style characters, go figure) is the one who suggested Kawai. So, never judge a comics geek by his typical genre.
And thank you for your site.

Re: Ah, Hi!

:) Awwww... Well, better late than never, right? hehe
That's amazing though, how you found out about Kawai-sensei!! I never would've thought, but then again... I guess I shouldn't be too surprised :) Kawai-sensei's totally amazing *_* even comic geeks would fall for her characters.

Love having you with us ;)
Wai!! Congrats on completing this series!! ^___________^ Thanks for the hard work you put for this!
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